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A powerful tool to enable companies and manage their citizen developers.

Scale, secure and maintain your Low-Code and No-Code Automation (iPaaS) at Enterprises, Scale-Ups, and Agencies.

Incident Management

Manage incidents directly in ASERVMENT or in your existing JIRA ServiceNow incident pipe to scale iPaaS without losing control of your IT.

Acceses & Connections

Make sure only trusted resources and APIs are added. Prevent the use of private APPs or connections. Remove them automatically and enforce compliance.

Security & Compliance

Protect yourself against Data Loss Damages and GDPR or CCPA fines. Establish logging and backups as legislation and compliance requires.

Change Management & more

Get full version control and release management back into your hands. Deploy from existing and common tools, Jenkins, Bamboo, DevOps & more.

AI Process Monitoring

Shutdown your automations before it causes damage to your organisation because a Webhook or API is down. Autopilot restart once they are up again.

Scale Citizen Developer

Set guidelines and guardrails for Citizen Automation Developers to execute and develop within clear rules, and documentation to free up IT resources.

Databreach F*ck-up

He was so frustrated, he uploaded all the company finance data to his private G-Drive to merge the PDF.

Anytime & Anywhere

We were just out of office when the API crashed and messed up the Database. Burned 25k of IT-Grants.

Manage the Load

No One can track, fix or manage 10.000 incidents per week. We need 1 FTE to manage our automations.

Automation Service Management.

Manage, log, build, comply, secure and maintain automations to and at scale.

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Made for enterprises companies to comply with IT-security and Operations standards.

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Scale Up

For fast growing companies so they can just focus on their scale and do not get distracted.

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Automation Champions

Agencies and freelancers managing, maintaining and building automations for their customers.

Steer automation like your company. Safely.

Running your company more and more remotely you need to stay ahead. Ahead of your Citizen Developers, find out what is failing, handle issues automatically and deploy fixes before major incidents happen. Set save boundaries and guide your teams to success.

Secure versioning, release management and documentation as well as approving changes without shadow IT in your iPaaS solutions.


Control automation without risk. Securely.

Our advanced AI Process Monitoring detects downtimes of SaaS and prevents shutdowns of your infrastructure. Automatically restart automations at scale. Never lose data with our advanced DLP measures. Approve connections for Citizen Developers and disallow unauthorised services or private accounts.

Get notified as soon as risks approach.

Educate. Document. Maintain. Autopilot.

Educate Citizen Developers with the proven hyper-scale model of Aservment. Build solid documentation to release changes within your existing environments. Maintain high speed growth at scale without risking IT breakdowns.

Go even further and put your deployment on autopilot. Our Enterprise Framework helps to deploy, patch, update and delete automations managed in central GITs within your organisational Setup.

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A powerful tool for everyday use
controlling your automations.


Connect existing Stack

Connect to your Atlassian, ServiceNow, Zendesk and basically every API based system to integrate ASERVMENT into your Stack.


Run seamlessly headless

Run ASERVMENT within your enviroment or just use it headless via API. Flexible and solution focused to scale iPaaS.


Scale the Autopilot

Autodeploy, Autorestart, Autoback Up, Auto-AI-Turnoff, Autoerrorhandling, Autopilot your iPaaS and automate the Automation.


Increase your performance and lower your risks.

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Simple. Fast. Transparent.

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Additional ASERVMENT Features

What if...

it's Christmas we are sitting with our families and our main online shop database runs into an issue because our iPaaS solution has a bug due to an API change? Who is going to detect, fix and deploy this change?

Save my Holidays

Educate your Citizen Developers to save you from f*ck ups.

Let's be honest we can manage almost anything but if a Citizen Developer is badly educated and constantly violates policies or destroys automations it is painful. Let's fix this!

Educate my Staff

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an ASERVMENT account?
What is the maximum of services I can manage?
How can I connect my iPaaS to ASERVMENT?
Is there a pricing available?
Can I run ASERVMENT beside or with my existing ITSM?

Drop us your request.

ASERVMENT. Make Low- and No-Code Automation Compliant and guide citizen developers.

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